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Police force tenants onto streets, BASTA saves the day

Full Video in Spanish Here

About 20 tenants where forced out on to the streets by local police. BASTA helps them get back into their homes right away.

Casi 20 inquilinos de un edificio en Los Ángeles iban a ser desalojados, pero su historia tiene final feliz. Video completo Aqui

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Mar 22, 2021

My name is Melinda, my landlord/boss died in January 2021 and her grown children have cut of water, electricity, gas, changed locks removed all appliances in the house stove washer fridge ect. They have boarded up my room door that gives us access to bathroom, kitchen. When I changed locks and broke out the 2x4 that was nailed to lock room door (per sheriff deputy) they went in my private driveway into my room and attacked my daughter stealing her phone. On that day of attack family members breaking in locks and windows we were very scared. They were very violent. Compton police came after many calls over and over (they would not come quickly they said we were lying)…

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