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COVID-19 Pandemic Landlords are Trying Every Trick in the Book to Evict Working Class Families

Renters Still Facing Evictions despite Court Closures and Moratoriums

Los Angeles, CA – Renters across Los Angeles County are still facing the threat of being force from their home despite Courtrooms being closed and as local leaders issue moratoriums meant to protect renters. Additionally, the California Judicial Council, empowered by expanded authority given by the Chief Justice during the Covid-19 state-of-the-art emergency, passed several emergency orders to stop all evictions until sometime after the state of emergency is lifted. These orders directs the Superior Courts not to issue summons when unlawful detainer complaints are filed.

As Los Angeles County residents are under shelter-in-place orders requiring them to stay home, landlords are filing ex-parte “emergency” applications, requesting the issuance of summons in unlawful detainer actions. The issuance of a summons is what obligates a tenant to answer the complaint and appear in court.

BASTA, Inc. is on the front-lines right representing tenants that are on the brink of becoming homeless during the Covid-19 pandemic. BASTA’s four office remain open (on a limited basis) to assist tenants with questions. In fact, BASTA is counsel in what is believed to be the first case challenging the Judicial Council’s emergency orders. Based on an ex parte application filed by landlord attorney Dennis Block, an ex parte hearing is scheduled today in the Van Nuys Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court that will request that a summons be issued, notwithstanding the Judicial Council's attempts to halt the removal of tenants from their homes during the worldwide health crisis.

Fear-mongering by landlords is unethical, especially in these troubling, trying times. Attempts by Dennis Block and others to frustrate the emergency efforts of our elected representatives and judicial leaders to circumvent the emergency measures implemented to protect the public’s health and safety, is irresponsible and could result in disparate treatment amongst tenants.


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